Bromptons are more fashionable than ever

There’s nothing quite as chic and “fashion” as city commuting on a Brompton, the Rolls-Royce of folding bicycles. In urban areas, it’s a way of being smart, elegant and relaxed, helped of course by a careful choice of clothing. The brand itself sets the tone at an event held every July called the Brompton World Championship, staged in London. Here, the dress code set by the west city brand is a self-mocking heritage look that features blazers, cravats and bow ties, teamed with whatever you fancy down below. More than just a race for folding bicycles, it’s also become an official fashion event in its own right.

We’re already familiar with the elegant range of Brompton bags that can be attached to the bike or the smart covers to wrap it in. But now, ever more style conscious, Brompton has recruited two partners to complete the look. The first is Barbour, the waxed jacket specialist, which has come up with a collection of urban clothing that’s wind and rainproof. Barbour provides its classic colour code (navy, brown and green) while Brompton has added high-tech waterproofing, zips and breathable fabrics.

To ride in cities with more and more style

In the last few months, Brompton has also worked in New York with reflective-textiles expert Sarah Canner, who designed the Vespertine.
Together they’re producing a range of high-viz winter accessories, such as hats, scarves and laces – perfect for night cycling. All we need now is for Brompton to come up with its own shoe collection – and a few new bicycles, of course.

Photos Barbour et Vespertine.