Mokumono, bringing Dutch bikes back to Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, there is always something for a bike-loving hipster to enjoy. It’s also home to our pick from the 43 awards handed out at the 2017 Eurobike show held in Germany, Europe’s leading cycling trade event. A stylish urban bike, the Mokumono Delta doesn’t just stand out for its clean lines – but also for how and where it is produced. From the name, you could easily think it’s designed and made in Asia. And you’d be wrong. Just like the “Big Apple” for New York or “The Smoke” for London, Mokum is the nickname for Amsterdam in Dutch. By assembling the Mokumono Delta in the famous canal city, the aim is to restore the pride of Europe’s iconic capital of bike commuting.

So far from the famous classic Dutch bike

Mokumono is a start-up created by Bob Schiller, a 30-something graduate of Eindhoven’s design school whose twin brother Tom is now working alongside him. The idea is to reinvent the classic Dutch bike with a fully contemporary styling and, above all, to build it locally. In order to compete with the lower labor costs in Asia, the company has followed in the footsteps of major car producers by making extensive use of robotics.

Thanks to nearly €100,000 in crowd funding from the Kickstarter platform, the Schiller brothers have put together a workshop and design studio near the re-born docks area of Vogelbuurt in North Amsterdam. Customers are welcome to visit the home of Mokumono, where the laid-back vibe from the two brothers is in sharp contrast with their needle-sharp use of technology. The bikes are made from two flat sheets of aluminium, which are pressed into shape and then laser-welded together to form a strong, lightweight frame. Carbon fiber components are added from all the leading brands – Shimano, Continental and Brooks, among others.

With its uncluttered design, strong lines and carefully-integrated cabling, the Mokumono is certainly very easy on the eye. Available in five different colors, the bike clearly deserved its award at Eurobike and would be great to take out for a spin along the canals of Old Amsterdam. If only to see the reaction from the tens of thousands of people riding the good old Dutch bikes of yesteryear…

Estimated weight: 9.5kg for the single speed version, 11kg for the eight-speed
Price: €1,100 to €1,500 (available to order online, first deliveries in February 2018).

Mokumono photos.