NEW Ride For 2 Series, where cycling and friendships meet for the weekend

Events, each designed to provide a new, innovative kind of cycling experience that offers both sport and new friendships. Welcome to Ride For 2 Series! Created by the team at, the first events will be held in September 2019,  in regions of France – all of them famous for their association with cycling and the French “art de vivre”.Having started out as an online platform dedicated to cycling, Routeandroots will be expanding in 2019 to become an event organizer for our community – people who are devoted to a different kind of cycling, one that balances the sporting aspect with a love of friendship, nature and good food. Next September, the Ride For 2 first event will be a chance for you to share an experience that brings together sport, in the form of a road bike (including the electric variety), good taste and the French “art de vivre”.

The regions chosen for Ride For 2 experience are all well-known for their appeal in terms of tourist sites, gastronomic delights and culture. The sporting challenge will also be innovative: 100% mixed, with “pairs” of a man and a woman, the choice of two routes (80 km or 120 km with two sets of timings for each), and two bike options – standard road bikes or electrically-assisted ones.The calendar and host regions for the first Ride For 2 in 2019 will be revealed before the registration opens, before spring. Find a partner for your pair now!