Six bike beers you have to sample (before to give up)

There’s nothing like the pleasure of a good beer with friends after a long ride. It’s not only about nutrition… Some brewers, often cycling enthusiasts, have run with this lifestyle trend. Here are the six “cycling beers” that you really should try.

Hello Velo, from Yorkshire

Yorkshire’s passion for cycling has been well known since it hosted the start of the Tour de France in 2014. In the county of pubs, that passion was has been turned into a pale ale, 4.2% alcohol, spicy, with slight accents of honey, English hops and barley.

Velosophe, Swiss lager

It started out as a bike shop in Geneva, then Velosophe came up with a beer… a full-bodied, unfiltered Swiss lager with 100% natural ingredients. Produced by the Hilsenbeck Gruibingen brewery (yes, it’s a job for professionals), the beer is the brainchild of BMX specialist Damien Bisetti and is available at many bike shops.

À Bloc, born in Amsterdam

To cycle “À bloc!” means to go flat out, or even faster. This French expression has been adopted by young brewers Dan and Martijn, based at Hilversum, between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Their 4.9% lager is unfiltered and rich in protein and Vitamin B. It’s already attracted €250,000 in crowdfunding on the Symbid platform.

Malteni, a French homage to Eddy Merckx

Alexandre and William, two friends from northern France, created the Malteni brand in 2010, a reference to the famous jersey worn by the legendary Eddy Merckx. The cycling tour agency didn’t come up with a salami factory, like Molteni in Italy, but three organic Belgian beers, with alcohol contents between 5.5 and 6.5% : the iconic amber, blond and white.

Orvelo, by old friends

Luc, Jan and Dag, three old friends from their university days, invented a triple fermented beer with 7.5% alcohol and rich tones of hops and spice, in Grembergen, between Gand and Brussels. What does Orvelo stand for? It’s a play on words: Vélo d’or, name of the main yearly award in the world of cycling.

Cyclist by Boelens, pure Flanders

At Belsele, between Anvers and Gand, they’re obviously mad about cycling. Established brewer Kris Boelens has come up with a pleasant lager with 6% alcohol and tones of spice, honey and lemon. It’s even better after a ride on the cobbled Flemish streets, of course.

Photos Cycling in Flanders et Malteni